Do You Know About M. E.?.

All estimates

are free




All estimates

are free


Time to go with the little contractor when the big guys tear your place apart where we finish your job … plus no to little preliminary notice we don’t want your house every one should have one house and it should be great

Full Kitchen Remodel

Yes full tear out the hardest part to any customer but to m.e. It’s the first step to any repair.

We work one job at a time so if M.E. Is there were coming back tomorrow

putting no screw straight you guarantee a locked in product

Bathroom remodel

palindrome like BOB forward and backward M.E. knows your project

permits preferred , contract signed and let’s start working

Brick laying & Decks

If you know M.E. Any project is the right size for the price

like a man with a fishing pole

and dog chasing a ball

Mundwyler Enterprise has been repairing and remodeling homes for more than 20 years. We are proud to serve our clients and create the home they deserve to live in.

License number 1058318

Not building homes fast

but for the long term

Curb art

and numbers

original white background

and black numbers$30

stencil +$20

art scenes and numbers


You can provide materials or m.E. Prefers to buy them

drywall repair or tile we want the right look



office address

409 tenant station 219

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

phone number


Get To Know M.E.

for all you home remodels

and fixes.



(669) 226-8045